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Perhaps the easiest way to make your bedroom suite look sophisticated and cohesive is to pick a colour scheme you love and stick to it. Does that mean you have to have all-white or all-blue bedding? Of course not. (Though we do love the look of an all-white bed!)

A family of colours that all play well together—like white, beige and red, for example, or black and white with punches of cognac and green, shown here on Parachute Home’s Instagram—can be mixed and matched especially with different patterns and textures to create a unique and fully grown-up bedroom set. See a full range of bedroom suite by clicking here…


Deciding the layout of your bedroom furniture is one of the most important steps in designing the complete bedroom. You may have little elasticity, but it’s worth than designing a layout, you have to consider that, from where natural light is coming to the bedroom.

Begin with positioning your bed, prepare a comprehensive place for all other furniture around it. Keep the parallel position of your bed in a rectangular room, you can do certain things in a large bedroom. It will allow for more creativity, & you can put the bed in the centre of the room. If you have a small bedroom, we suggest moving the bed into a corner to save space all around the bedroom.

Now consider your budget for bedroom storage. The furnished bedroom looks more expensive and formal-looking and also shows how you use space efficiently, particularly in a small bedroom. Unsuitable furniture didn’t look good, but you should aim, at least, for a wardrobe, dressing table and bedside tables.

If you are planning a transformation, consider the configuration and height of your space, and make sure it will fit any of your desired furniture and storage.

If your room is big with an attached bathroom, you may require adding an en-suite. An en suite bathroom can be added without planning permission, although it will want to follow on building management.

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