How to pick the perfect dining suite or table

dining suites

The best dining suites for you will be one that works for your budget. The dining table should fit in your space, solidly constructed and has a style you’ll love for years. Along with affordability and a timeless style, stability and construction are important to look for. There are some core factors you should consider when choosing a good one.

Choose the right dining suites materials for your style

Choosing the material for your dining table can be difficult. You have to balance price, and your personal style to choose the right one. Here are the most common materials, and what to consider for each:

Solid wood is a classic material because it is durable and easy to repair.
Stone tabletops can include marble, quartz composite or cast stone. Stone is durable but can be porous and can absorb stains easily.
Glass tabletops can include clear, frosted or tinted versions. They’re relatively inexpensive.
They’re often perceived as cheap, but these materials tend to resist staining and require little upkeep.

Sizing Up Your Table

Before buying the table, ensure that there is at least 42-48 inches of space between the table and the edge of the adjoining walls or furniture. This will give you adequate room to move around and will ensure that the diners can get up and sit down without having to cramp themselves into the chair.

The Classic Rectangular Look

dining suites

One of the first decisions you need to make while buying a dining table is the shape of the dining table. The rectangular dining table is the most popular among the lot.
It is universally loved, both for its form and functionality. Whether it is an evening dinner with the family or grand celebrations, this table plays the ideal host!

Round Tables

The round and oval dining tables are the favorites in the small dining room category, though the rectangular dining table is the most popular one.
Most compact dining spaces feature a beautiful circular dining table, preferably with pedestal legs. These are space saving delights.
Round tables also help create a more intimate setting, and in a world dominated by straight lines, the curves offer a welcome change.

dining suites

The Perfect Square

dining suites

A square dining table is mostly considered the least preferred option, and it is not very often that you see designers adding one to a lavish dining room.
Pick the square one only when you are hosting four to six people at most.
Large square tables also make serving a hassle, so pick one of these only when you are hosting four to six people at most. Take a peek inside our Wonderworld.

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